Record breaking SUP Yoga on 8/13

On Saturday, 8/13 our local Yoga community will attempt to the unthinkable.  Imaginable, yes!  250 bodies balancing on paddle boards off the beach of Forest Lake.

Never been on a board?  Don’t worry, you have from 10 am – 12 pm to have a free instructor led course to warm up.

Don’t have a board?  $10 will get you a board on the water and in a lottery to win $$, maybe even a board.

Still not convinced?  Come for the music, play in the water and get your down dog out on a board already!

Thanks to the Forest Lake community, we have a little bit of Hawaii right here on the mainland.  Let’s do this!


Northern Lights Paddle & Yoga

Start with just showing up, then stand up

You see it everywhere.  Yoga Photo Porn.  That’s right – I said it.  Pictures of said yogi’s doing amazing things such as touching their feet to their head in floor bow while in a bikini- thanks to Photoshop.  Now it is happening in SUP yoga.  Everything from scorpion pose to dancer pose while un-leased in a middle of the water chock full of boats, watercrafts, etc.  While it is fun to challenge our balance on an uneven surface, it is also wise to proceed with caution and safety first.


Start with just showing up prepared.  

Most states encourage a life jacket on your board, but the US Coast Guard require it.  Even though most boards are essentially a PFD, they are too big and awkward to be YOUR personal flotation device in a dire time of need.

Leash it up, especially in the case of going down the river or just going anywhere.  You may not plan on falling off but it does happen.   You don’t want to swim forever trying to retrieve your board. Perhaps a wave from a boat comes out of no-where or let’s not think about this one too long, but maybe you faint or something knocks you off your rocker.  You will be tethered to a giant PFD and someone will be more apt to find you quicker.

Leggo of Ego

That’s it, drop it like its hot.  Drop that ego.   The advice I was given when starting yoga was quite simply: show up and suck  In the case of SUP yoga, show up and be ready to swim.

Doesn’t feel right to have the word yoga and goddess in the same sentence. Buzzfeed published their ‘23 Steps to Becoming a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Goddess“.  I’m not going to lie, I love to practice a headstand on my board in the middle of my hometown lake. However, it has taken me years to get to this point through a daily practice and a firm awareness of my surroundings. Besides fish, one never knows what is under that water.  A rock could show up on the day you may fall in. No one wants you to end your practice with hitting your head on a rock.

So start by showing up on land, take in your surroundings and pay mind to your safety – now stand up for you and your practice.


International Day of Yoga

International day of yoga is a day of making yoga available to all walks of humanity though
out the world.  On 6/21, over 30,000 yoga practitioners joined Prime Minister Modi in India (  “Just as the mobile phone is now a part of your life, make yoga too a part of your life,” he said, drawing applause. International Yoga Day

Right here in Forest Lake, MN, 48 yogis braved a down dog on a Rave paddle board.  And if that wasn’t enough, the entire local event was free.  While many folks around the world were completing their 108th sun salutation, we had our own celebration on land and on water.

International Yoga


Interested in joining sometime?  Just click on the class schedule and give it a go.

First paddle down the St. Croix River 2016

Spring into summer, warm weather is finally here.  The peepers are out, dandelions are popping and the lawn can wait to be mowed until after the first paddleboard sessions are over!

First paddle of 2016 down the St. Croix
First paddle of 2016 down the St. Croix

Movie down the St. Croix

First thing is first – get the car relay situated.  One car at the end point and the other with the paddleboards at launch.
Launching from the Log House Landing, just outside of Scandia, MN we started our paddle down the St. Croix.  Although the wind was fierce (15 mile gusts) in some spots, we were not going to let that stop us.  The weather was ripe and there wasn’t a boat in site.  For a little over two hours we made our way slowly down the river, traversing into some flooded treed areas.  Typically the sides of the river are peppered with sandy beaches but not this time of year with spring’s high current.
But this trip, we even had to portage across a few downed logs.  Felt like a bit of modern day Huck Finn (and not a Band of Robbers ).  Oh there is really nothing like getting out and letting the flow of the water take you down stream, while the wind is fighting to parasail you back.  The balance you strike is in the strength of your paddle strokes, shield of the trees and the breathe to keep you going.  Exhilarating.

Paddle off to The Brookside
Paddle off to The Brookside

After about 5 miles, we docked right by the Mill Stream in Marine. Normally on a hot summer day, that is the siting of many an ice cream cone from ‘The Scoop’.  A little too early in the season for that. We hiked our paddleboards up the hill and had to settle for a nice cold Farm Girl from The Brookside before our car relay return.  Life is good.