Houseboat Yoga

Houseboat Yoga

The first of it’s kind in MN – Houseboat Yoga!

Launching off of the Boomsite, North of Stillwater, we will paddle the boards down the St. Croix River Valley for 1.5 miles. With the current, it is a mild paddle. However, half of the fun is riding the weather temperament of the river. Rain or shine, the float will happen.

Upon sight of the liftbridge (let’s hope it is in by then), we will board the ‘Poser’ for a Sun A series you will never forget. This is a great primer for yoga on a paddle board, challenging the mind and body in blance on the flowing river.

~45 min paddle from the Boomsite in Stillwater to Houseboat
~45 min yoga on the deck of the houseboat (docked in the Marina)
~cheers with mimosas

Paddleboard, paddle, lifejackets, mats and mimosas provided.