SUPer Sunset Yoga

Another great SUP yoga session on Forest Lake, MN!  Just amazes me every time, Randy Johnson (Stand-up paddle and sail) leads us through a 15 mediation session it instantly calms the water.  The quiet of the mind unfolds the calm of the lake.  A perfect place for your focus and breath to be when you start your vinyasa on water.  These floating yogis were amazing.  Sure, they all had a few Sun-A series on their mat but none of them had experience on the unbalanced surface of the water.  They let go and stayed with the flow. Check ’em out below.  Intrigued yet? We have another one in the line-up on August 17, 6 pm – 8 pm.  Please register at


modifiedcrescent intentions beach_yoga_kidwanter meditation SunASunset halfpigeon boat boat_me extended-cat-cow intentions1 Randy