SUP Sunday in the sun – ahhhh ommm

Threatened by all sorts of rainy forecasts and wind gusts, we moved our 2nd SUP Yoga series to sunrise versus sunset.    Blissed out by meditation conducted by Randy Johnson, we perched our boards in the south wind.  This week, the group experiences a few more waves but no matter, after a few sun salutations both on knees and standing, these posers rode the waves and found their balance on the clear blue water.

Warrior 2 Surfer Pose

Rockin in down dog

Easy Twist

Prep for Camel

A few of the poses we set our intentions on this week were – Crescent Lunge | Twist | Warrior 2 | Camel | Bridge & Wheel

Namaste to all the yogi’s who joined in – so proud of their courage and strength.

More picture, click here!




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