SUP runners #NationalRunningDay

In preparation for the St. Croix Fat Cat, I’ve been running, padddling and o yeah- a little bit of that bike thing.  SUPrunCross-training is a challenge.  run_path I’ve come up with this simple 5 step routine for the next few weeks:

1. Run 5 – 6 miles, averaging about 9 min miles

2.  SUP yoga warm up:

a. Cat/Cow

b. One-legged down dog

c. A combination SUN B series using your paddle

d.  Looking for more warm up tips, try this from Backcountry

3.  Paddle sprint 1 mile, averaging about 13 min mile

3. Biking. WELL, this I need to work on.  8 miles in 35 min gives me a 2-3 min/mile average.

4. Yoga cool down, repeating step 2 on land.


I find all my muscles that have been in balance with strengthening and lengthening tighten up.  In particular, the hamstrings, calves and lower back are shortened.    That’s why I feel adding 2 parts yoga into your tri-fitness routines help keep your muscles in balance.



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