Some of my favorite poses: One legged down dog

Easy you say. That’s just fine. Start by positioning your down dog in a comfortable position on your board. Using the bar as your guide, star with your naval just above the board. If you see that the nose of your board is dipping into the water, you may want to adjust backward. Alternatively, if you see the tail of your board taking a drink, you may want to inch forward.

1 leg upInhale, raising up on your tippy toes. Aim your heals back down into the board and press your chest towards your thighs as you exhale.

Inhale, raise your right leg up to the sky as if to dip your toe right into the sunshine, keeping your hips level to the board. Exhale and band your right leg at the knee, letting your heel drop toward your backside and opening your hip just slightly. Feel the stretch, the length and the buoyancy that your board provides in this fluid stretch. Repeat on the other side!

If you question your stability on the board, slow it down. Even go back to your down dog and just try to ‘rock the boat’, side to side on your board. Chances are, you can’t even tip your board if you tried in this position. Grow your confidence from this footing, find your position just for you on the board and let the water be your flow in this vinyasa.

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